The Word of Faith Movement: History and Leaders


This post is being revised to reflect updated findings.

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18 thoughts on “The Word of Faith Movement: History and Leaders

  1. etioclese

    Those who speak out against the prosperity theology, have the teachings of the Paul, the apostle to the gentiles, as precedent. He also spoke out against false teachings as did our Lord and the prophets of old. The perveyors of the health/wealth gospel make a mockery of God’s word as given us by Christ himself. The Lord has judged them for leading thousands astray and he will deal with them accordingly. But we must not be silent. Rather than attacking the charlatan directly, we need only speak the truth, allowing the the truth to be the light.

    • Etioclese,

      Thanks for reading and commenting. Indeed, Paul does set a precedent in which we may attack false doctrine. I would agree that are not to “attack” persons although Scripture does give us the precedent to name false teachers and explain why they are false teachers.

      Thanks again!

      Fight the good fight!

  2. Juliane,

    Thanks for reading and commenting.

    First, what does FAITH activate? Is it a force? If so, is the the same force that Copeland, Hagin, and other believe God manipulated in created in the universe? Where is that in Scripture? The Bible nowhere speaks of FAITH activating anything. It says that God responds (under His own volition) to prayers of FAITH. He is not forced but some confession or an activation of a force.

    Second, while I appreciate you using language aids to get to the original intent of the Biblical authors, I must point out that often times a great deal of damage can be delivered by merely “word searching” through a Strong’s Conc. Still, I am unsure how the base definition (mind you not paying attention to context or syntax) aids in showing the WOF position to be true. The Greek word for “confess” here is homologeō. It means to STATE IN AGREEMENT WITH OR TO AFFIRM WHAT HAS ALREADY occurred. Based upon the structure of the verse in the Biblical languages it is referring to what to text previously stated. Being that the person believed in their heart, which brought about impartation of righteousness and saving grace. The result of this (eis in the Greek) is the confession or profession (homologeō) of salvation (sōtēria σωτηρία). Despite my better judgment I will remind you of what you Strong’s says…it is a term relating to the assurance of future and final preservation and deliverance from one’s penalty. So, one is agreeing with what has taken place in the heart by verbally announcing to the world what has occurred. The entire passasge in the greek reads: καρδίᾳ γὰρ πιστεύεται εἰς δικαιοσύνην στόματι δὲ ὁμολογεῖται εἰς σωτηρίαν.

    Third, based on the text the word are empty and powerless nonetheless. Words do not activate (even when filled with faith).

    Juliane, please read my article…positive confession is NOT IN SCRIPTURE. It was birthed in New Age philosophy and adopted by WOF teachers. Period.

    • David

      “The Bible nowhere speaks of FAITH activating anything.” (from above)

      I wish to respond to just this one thing. Actually the bible does speak of faith activating something very important:

      “For unto us was the gospel preached, as unto them: but the word preached did not profit them, not being mixed with faith in them that heard it” Heb. 4:2

      Therefore, faith is the acivating force behind God’s word. God’s word is to all men is the same – but it’s effect upon all men certianly is not the same. The reason is, the Word must be activated by faith in the individual in order for it to be of profit to them. God’s word is a creative force…when it is united with faith.

      I have no intention to engage you in a debate…I am just a passer by so you need not reply. I will likely not be back to this page anyway.

      • David,

        Thank you for reading. Could you show me where in Hebrews 4 it says faith activates anything? I have read the passage in the original languages and activate is not there either…please do explain. Grammatically it is referring to the useless nature of the Gospel for the redemption of those who have not received it in faith (activate is extra-biblical terminology). The Gospel has power period…irregardless of whether it is received but it does not save unless received. Thats the point. Please do not quote passages out of their context.

        You are missing the clear teaching of Scripture as to what the Gospel does (Romans 5) and how one receives the Gospel (Romans 10). The Gospel is received by faith. Eph. 2:8 says we are saved by faith. However,saving faith, according to John 6 is itself a gift from God. Further, it is not dependent upon the tapping or activation of a force, but rather purely based upon God’s decree (Romans 9 & Ephesians 1-3). So, the concept of activation would be nonsensical within the biblical framework. Period.

        Further, you said “God’s word is a creative force…when it is united with faith.”

        Care to back that up with Scripture? This implies that God’s creative decree (Word) utilized faith. What sir would God place His faith in? If faith is a force independent of God then you have left the bounds of monotheism, for you are positing two eternal and separate entities. Is that what you are positing? If so, demonstrate that from Scripture.

  3. Juliane DIllon

    It is FAITH that activates, not the confession per se. “Out of the abunance of the heart the mouth speaks.” The act of speaking forth the WORD comes from the inner belief of the Word.
    It is with the heart one believes and with the mouth one confesses salvation. (Check Strong’s concordance on the meaning of the word salvation in this verse)

    We can speak things all day long, however if the heart does not believe then the words are empty and powerless.

    Meditation on the promises, renews the mind(as a man thinketh), which spills out of the heart through a positive confession (profession) of belief.

    • We can not Speak things into existance….our words regardless of our faith, are merely words….they have NO CREATIVE power. Real faith is in someone, not some thing. Mike Carlucci

  4. Sir,

    As a one time legal student from a line of lawyers let me say this…I cannot be a third party…by definition I am only a third party if I am reporting something I hear from a SECONDARY party…check my references…I read Hagins stuff myself….If I witnessed his personal statements (in this case writings) I am a FIRST HAND witness….

    So far as the correction of David…Nathan did correct him face to face…but how do you know about it? Because IT WAS WRITTEN FOR THE WHOLE WORLD TO READ! Hagin has been confronted…now he is dead…people still follow him…so it is not slander (by legal definition) for me to record what I believe are Biblical inconsistencies…If I could confront him I would…Further, David DID NOT PARADE HIS SIN before the watching world. No, it was behind close doors. Hagin SHARES his, what I believe to be, heretical doctrine in the public square…therefore it is well within my biblical rights, no, OBLIGATION to confront it publicly.

    So far as why do I take the time to write this stuff online…May I also ask if that is so wrong why you took the time to respond? Because you believe what I am saying is damaging to the Church and her mission…right? That’s the reason I do it too…If you believe we should not CONFRONT those PUBLICly who we believe are out of line with God’s Word then why did you publicly “correct” me? There is a contact link on this site. If you say it is because I publicly attacked Hagins teaching…then you are vindicating my actions.

    Also, if you are a Hagin follower I do not expect you to agree with me…however…I believe along with many others that Hagin preaches a false Christ and a false gospel…therefore I am compelled by my obligation to contend for the faith to reveal FROM HIS OWN WORDS why I believe he is wrong.

    I do appreciate the time you have taken to read and respond! Now, I do not want you to violate your own system of ethics again, so please feel free to contact me directly! Thanks again for your time…

  5. Rev. Reese E Klepacz

    I have returned knowing that you would respond. I am not putting you on a pedistal with the great men of faith but of a person that though you may have referances to your statements I have one question, Have you actually read the material you referance to or as I have stated just simply imply your thoughts to what you think they are about. For example, Hagin never stated he was healed in 10 minutes nor has he ever proclaimed himself to be God. He never states that Jesus was a demoniac. As a matter of fact His teaching is that if the Bible says it then that settles it. Does not the Bible state that Jesus bore our sickness and diseases with his strips. Does it not state that he came to give us life more abundantly. Where you actually there or are you a third party reviewer. Even in the worlds court system your words would not stand creditable. As a matter of fact I was like you a person with questions. So instead of roaring about it on a soup box I started to study to show myself approved. I even go to many questionable ministers services but not as a follower but as a spectator just to see what they are stating for myself. I continually read many books again taking them with a grain of salt and then I match it up to God’s word and of all of the men you mention thus far on this web site the only people I have found to have a sound biblical truth is the Hagin camp. They stick to the same message. Without Christ you are nothing, without the word of God you have nothing, and the only way to heaven is thourgh Jesus Christ our Lord. Do you tend to forget when the men were trying to cast out demons in Jesus name and the disciples asked Jesus to stop them he stated what? They did not have sound doctrine, no He stated that if they are for Him then they will not be quickly against Him and went on His way preaching the gospel. The doctrine my friend you are fighting is what I have done for years and wasted my breath it is mans doctrines. Mans view points. If you are going to spend your time writing on this internet about what the church is doing wrong, I simply ask why? Cause all you are doing is spliting hairs and causing a split in the churches and as always a house divided against itself will not stand. This is one reason why I believe many will be left behind. Dont be fooled and blinded as I was cause if you can speak out against these men in such a manner I dare to think what would you have said about David who just so happen to be a man after God’s own heart. I guess his sound doctrine would have been off the wall also. Oh and just so that you wont respond with the prophet coming and correcting him. The prophet did it face to face and not before the entire world. He pulled him aside. Isnt that what the Bible says if there is ought against your brother pull him aside to correct him. Well maybe I am an old fool and just a person who happened along a website that I usually would not take the time to read. I stay on the positive side of life. Remember out of the heart your mouth is speaking. As a former editor for a paper out of Kansas becareful in how you reveal your so called truths make sure that your quotes are word for word when referancing them from books. Remember you are a third party statement and even in the worlds court system it will not stand. I would dare to think what God’s court system would say for miss quoted statements that would lead people further from the truth of His Word. God Bless and have a great day in the Lord! :)

  6. Rev. Klepacz,

    First, thank you for taking the time to read my article. I realize it is fairly long and would take some time to review so I appreciate your attention. However, as you have noted (which I also appreciate) I have taken the time to thoroughly research what I have written. Where exactly did I “slander” anyone? Remember, slander by definition is an untrue statement designed to damage credibility. Also, where was I out of context? I read the primary sources (as you can see from my resource page) and I made a great effort to ensure that my quotes were accurate.

    I agree we should preach the Gospel. However, your logic defeats itself. Were there not “watch dogs” fighting for sound doctrine you would have no “gospel” to preach. If it were not for doctrinal watchdogs such as John Calvin, John Huss, Martin Luther, Zwingli there would be no gospel outreach in the western church. I appreciate that you have classified me with men such as these. Further, what do you do with commands in scripture to literally “fight for” and to ensure SOUND DOCTRINE? Or to expose false doctrine?

    I am also no GOSSIPING…you cannot be gossiping when you make your statements public and reference public statements.

    Just remember we are command to “contend for the faith” and to “endure SOUND DOCTRINE”…and if there were no watchdogs such as myself…you would be a Roman Catholic…so…you’re welcome…oh and by the way…On behalf of those in heaven because of the watchdog reformers…I ask that you strive for sound doctrine and truth…

    • Keith Wilson

      John Calvin a watchdog!!! He was a murderer my misguided friend, and those that follow any of his teaching are truely misguided in faith.

      • Hey Keith,

        Thanks for reading and commenting.

        1. Please take the time to actually do a thorough study of the Michael Servetus incident you are referring to. If you do so, and not just from those sad and silly anti-Calvinist websites, you will find that Calvin was far from a murderer.

        2. Do you follow Sola Scriptura? Sola Fida? etc etc….those were teachings of Calvin. So to say that those who follow ANY of his teaching are misguided would mean you either a) are mormon or b) a Roman Catholic…but you CAN NOT be a protestant…and evangelical…or anything else orthodox. So, please refrain from sweeping generalizations that paint you into the corner of heresy.

        3. Yes, John Calvin the watchdog. Regardless of whether one agrees with ALL of his teachings any student of church history would be misguided and ill-informed to deny that without Calvin an entire wing a and movement within the Reformation would not have happened.

        4. The teachings will most likely repulse you (i.e. TULIP) were not explicitly given by Calvin. They were expounded upon by his followers.

        5. Which Reformer do you identify you faith heritage with? You cannot say “just Scripture” because your sweeping statement invalidated any claim to base your thoughts and beliefs on Sola Scriptura. So, is it Luther? Huss? Zwingli? The simple fact is this…the vast majority of those whom we call the fathers of the Reformation would fit (to varying degrees) what we would classify as Calvinists.

        The fact is we are all (evangelicals) deeply indebted to John Calvin. To say otherwise is to reflect an a bias against plain factual history and theological development.

        I encourage you to continue your research. If I can point you to any sources please let me know. Again, thanks for reading.

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